About BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®

Years of squinting and frowning tend to leave deep wrinkles in the skin. On many people, frown lines produce an angry or sad look that detracts from a pleasant facial appearance. Simple injections of Dysport® or BOTOX® Cosmetic will improve these lines without surgery and without scars.

Tiny amounts of Botox or Dysport are injected into specific facial muscles, causing a local relaxation. The lines and wrinkles gradually smooth out and new creases are prevented from forming. Other facial muscles, like those needed to raise the eyebrows, are not affected so a natural expression is maintained.

At MDSkin Lounge, we are extremely skilled and experienced in using Botox and Dysport to prevent early signs of aging, as well as to treat a variety of immediate concerns, including:

• Vertical lines between the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose
• Squint lines or crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes
• Horizontal forehead lines
• Platysmal muscle bands (vertical lines) often visible on the neck
• Lower facial muscles such as the masseter muscle (to lessen the squareness and fullness of the lateral jawline), wrinkles around the mouth, and turning  down at the corners of the mouth.

Actual patient, 20 units of Botox used around eyes

Actual patient, 30 units of Botox used on forehead

Actual patient, non-surgical eyebrow lift with 20 units of Botox

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