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NovaThreads is one of the first facelift alternatives with minimally-invasive, anti-aging results. With the help of our MDSkin injection team, you can enjoy a refreshed, rejuvenated look without the downtime or hassle of surgery.
Quick Facts

About NovaThreads

NovaThreads is an industry-leading new treatment option that uses the principles of the thread lift technique. This means that special threads are injected under the facial tissues where you need extra lift and volume.

NovaThreads uses absorbable suture threads made from polydioxanone that are commonly used in biomedical practices for cardiothoracic surgery – specifically because they are fully absorbed by the body within 4-6 months and leave behind no scar tissue. The result is new collagen growth and improved skin structure that generates better hold and volume under the skin for over 1 year.

NovaThreads treatments can be performed using a local anesthetic so you’re comfortable and relaxed at our state-of-the-art office. After we determine the right treatment approach for you and your goals, the threads are injected and inserted under the skin where they are gently lifted into a more upright position, bringing the skin and tissues with it. The threads remain under the skin where they will stimulate collagen growth and gradually be absorbed into the body. Overall, your appointment can take 2 hours. After treatment, you can return home.

Who Can Benefit from NovaThreads?

Normally, faces have a defined “V” shape that gives it definition and a beautiful look. Over time, gravity and collagen loss can cause this shape to get lost. Restoring this look is usually the goal of a facelift, but NovaThreads can help redefine this shape without the need for extensive incisions or trauma on the surrounding tissues. This means NovaThreads is an excellent option for patients seeing the beginning signs of aging but who aren’t committed to a surgical procedure. NovaThreads can be used anywhere, and can even be used on the lower face, including the neck and jaw. With a combination approach including other non-surgical treatments like fillers, Botox® or MDSkin’s FaceShape treatment, NovaThreads can redefine your look and your confidence for the long term.

What to Expect

After your NovaThreads treatment, downtime is minimal and you can return to your regular work and social activities quickly. However, you can expect some redness and light swelling and bruising, so some patients choose to take the rest of the day off or even opt for treatment on a Friday and allow the weekend for swelling or bruising to subside. You’ll be given specific instructions to follow to get the best out of your results, including avoiding certain skincare products, sleeping on your side, and restricting exercise for one week. You’ll see results immediately with your final results emerging over the course of one or two months after treatment. During your follow-up appointments at 1 week and again at 8 weeks, we’ll ensure your treatment is going as planned and recommend your best options going forward.

Treatment Areas

Lower Face


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