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Forever Clear Acne Therapy

Broadband light (BBL) treatments are an effective method of treating acne and preventing future breakouts without downtime. Forever Clear BBL for acne therapy is an effective and comfortable treatment option suitable for a wide range of patients.
Quick Facts

About Forever Clear Acne Therapy

Forever Clear BBL is light therapy. In the first treatment step, blue BBL light is administered to kill acne-causing bacteria deep in the pores. The skin is then treated with yellow light, which reduces inflammation and redness associated with acne breakouts. The Forever Clear BBL system uses advanced cooling technology, making the entire process comfortable and safe for the skin.

Who Can Benefit from Forever Clear Acne Therapy?

Many people who suffer from persistent acne may benefit from Forever Clear acne therapy. It is appropriate for patients of all ages and may be used for those with active breakouts while also preventing future acne. Forever Clear BBL may be used on either the face or the body. A consultation is necessary to ensure your candidacy for the treatment. Those with darker skin tones may not be suitable to Forever Clear BBL, though the treatment is safe for most.

What to Expect

Forever Clear acne treatment requires no downtime. The skin will likely feel warm after the treatment, which continues for about 30 to 60 minutes. Some minor redness or swelling may also occur, but should not last for more than five days and often dissipates sooner. Following Forever Clear treatment, the skin will also be photosensitive. This means that it is especially important to wear SPF daily and avoid excess sun exposure as much as possible.

Treatment Areas

Enlarged Pores


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