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Medical Grade Peels

Peels are highly effective in promoting a smoother texture while restoring youthful skin with a radiant glow.
A chemical peel improves skin texture and tone and lessens the appearance of fine wrinkles. A light, or superficial, peel produces results that usually last between one and two months. A medium peel's results will last between two and six months, and the results of a deep peel last forever
Quick Facts

About Medical Grade Peels

MDSkin and MDSkin Bar offer a wide variety of peels that can be customized to your specific skin type, with downtime ranging from “go back to work” to aggressive peels. Sun exposure, acne, and aging can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred. Peels are highly effective in promoting a smoother texture while restoring youthful skin with a radiant glow. Outer layers peel away and reveal new, pink layers beneath.

Who Can Benefit From a Medical Grade Peel?

The medical-grade peels offered at MDSkin and MDSkin Bar can address different skin concerns such as acne, melasma, sun damage, discoloration, and aging skin. Most patients can benefit from medical-grade peels. If you have sensitive skin, these peels may not be the best option for you. To find out if you can benefit from medical-grade peels, consult with one of our providers at our office.

What to Expect from Medical Grade Peels

With all the peels you want to avoid working out for 24-48 hours. No sun exposure for the following week along with not using any retinol or exfoliating products. Peels can be performed a month apart and recommended in a series of 3.

Perfect Peel

Being a mid-depth medical-grade peel, the Perfect Peel is designed to reverse signs of aging through the promotion of collagen production. Utilizing the key ingredient, Glutathione, this peel targets and exfoliates beyond the surface dermal layers to ensure smoother, more durable results. By simultaneously utilizing phenol, patients can enjoy mid-depth facial results without discomfort, preparation, or recovery time.


Biorepeel treatments affect your appearance at the deepest level. Using a 30% TCA formula, this bio-stimulating peel can increase collagen production and cell changeover as it exfoliates the outer layers of skin to detach and remove dead skin cells. As it breaks the bond of dead skin cells, Biorepeel simultaneously hydrates the deeper dermal layers of the skin to reduce the peeling process and recovery period.

Illuminize Peel

The Illuminize Peel is a superficial peel that can gently improve the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. The Illuminize peel offers vibrant, radiant-looking skin with minimal downtime. Utilizing acetone, salicylic acid, and mandelic acid, the Illuminize Peel can be repeated every two weeks until patients achieve the skin they desire.

Vitalize Peel

A medium peel, Vitalize diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, addresses uneven skin tone, and reduces pigmentary and acne scarring changes. With active ingredients such as lactic acid, resorcinol, and salicylic acid, Vitalize can rejuvenate older wrinkles and deep-set concerns. Patients usually need three to six treatments for long-lasting results.

PCA (Sensi) Peel

As the name might imply, Sensi Peel is uniquely designed for sensitive skin. The 6% TCA solution can gently improve texture and rejuvenate the skin without irritating the skin. With inclusivity in mind, PCA (Sensi) is a standout option for sensitive skin types and dark skin tones.

PCA (HQ Free) Peel

Along with Sensi, PCA (HQ Free) can safely treat sensitive skin types, darker skin tones, or those allergic to hydroquinone without complication. This treatment is applied in layers to help protect the skin while improving acne flare-ups and encouraging a brightened appearance.

Rejuvenize Peel

Rejuvenize Peels were created to offer fast-acting, long-lasting skin smoothing, and texture improvement without extensive downtimes. This chemical peel offers a deeper treatment, ensuring a complete erasure of damaged and dead cells. Being a deeper peel, patients should prepare for minor recovery constraints.


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