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How Long do NovaThreads Last?

Laxity in the jawline is a common side effect that comes with aging; treating it is challenging, especially if you want to avoid invasive surgery. Fortunately, NovaThreads is a unique new option that requires only a minimally invasive procedure and produces long-term results. NovaThreads is among the top-quality treatments at MDSkin Lounge, so here’s what to know about it.

How Does It Work

NovaThreads are injectable polydioxanone (PDO) threads crafted to offer you firmer, tighter skin and enhance collagen production. Some barb-like protrusions are used in making these dissolvable threads. They catch the underlying tissues, instantly lifting your jawline and boosting collagen growth in its new position to keep it there. Additionally, the boosted collagen production maintains the treatment process as the threads dissolve over time. NovaThreads is an effective treatment for improving a sagging jawline and creates an attractive and more defined look without surgery.

It’s normal to experience some tenderness within the treated area; however, your skin will begin to feel and look normal in two to three weeks. There’s no visible scarring, so it’s hard for other people to notice you underwent any sort of treatment. As the injected threads dissolve and your body recovers, collagen production will maintain your visibly improved look.

How Long Do NovaThreads Last?

NovaThreads uses the same suture materials used in major surgeries. This gives you assurance that NovaThreads are body-friendly and safe with fewer risks. The threads will dissolve within four to eight months, and the boosted collagen will take its place. This is because the injection micro-trauma, together with foreign threads present in the skin, causes extra collagen production. Collagen production provides your skin with the necessary framework to remain firm and smooth for anywhere from two to three years. You can opt for re-treatment as needed.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

Usually, NovaThreads is an effective and safe treatment for most patients’ skin types. People with hypersensitive skin should spend extra time talking with their provider since NovaThreads can irritate the skin in the course of recovery. Additionally, let your provider know if you’ve had a facelift or other facial surgery. At MDSkin Lounge, we can help you determine whether NovaThreads is right for you during your consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

NovaThreads are one of the newest and most advanced ways to rejuvenate your look when you notice the beginning signs of aging. To explore your options and learn more about our NovaThreads options, we invite you to meet with our expert non-surgical team. Call us today at MDSkin Lounge or fill out our online form and schedule a consultation with a member of our team.


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