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Getting Rid of Stretch Marks with Lasers

Laser treatments are an effective method of removing stretch marks that you get from rapid growth during puberty, pregnancy, natural development, or after gaining or losing weight. If you are thinking about getting a laser treatment, it is essential to know all the facts and what is involved in the procedure.

Definition of Stretch Marks

The best definition of the term “stretch marks” is the streaks that form in the middle layers of our skin. Rapid changes in body weight often contribute to this change in the skin. Stretch marks occur during puberty, pregnancy, or after natural growth. A sudden change in weight is the one that causes stretching in the dermis, whereby the skin’s connective fiber separates or breaks apart, causing scarring.

Mostly, the body marks appear in the form of silvery, purple, white, or wavy red streaks on your skin. They often appear near your arms, armpits, chests, abdomen, lower back, thighs, or even hips. Some stretch marks fade over time, but one way to improve their appearance is with laser treatment.

How a Laser for Stretch Marks Works

Laser treatment is one of the safest improvement methods and uses light energy to stimulate collagen growth in the skin. The skin’s top layer is treated, and a healthier layer in the deeper layer takes shape. Laser treatments allow the skin to heal on its own, and are considered safe and minimally invasive.

It is also important to note that laser treatments for stretch marks are highly effective, but the success shall depend on how visible and the age of your stretch marks. Most patients require multiple sessions to see visible improvement.

Available Treatment Options

Treatment shall depend on visibility, age, and the number of stretch marks on the body. The process is done by a certified laser tech who will suggest the available types of laser therapy and determine which is best for you. Some common treatments are IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and ResurFX non-ablative skin resurfacing laser treatment.

Both of these methods target the damaged skin and can also allow for the removal of unwanted pigmentation and blood vessels, while also generating new collagen and elastin fibers. This treatment is highly customizable and can be adjusted to fit the needs of each patient.


If you hope to get a laser treatment for the stretch marks, it is wise to know what you can expect. Talking to one of our laser specialists will be beneficial to determine how long the recovery period shall be and what you can do to help keep the skin healthy during that particular time. After receiving the treatment, the treated area may become red and a mildly tender. These side effects are completely normal, and a good sign that the old skin has successfully been removed and a new one is growing.

Schedule a Consultation

Laser treatments can be very effective at reducing the look of stretch marks. To meet with our skincare team and discover which laser treatment method is best for you, contact MDSkin Lounge by calling or filling out our online form.


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