About Coolsculpting


About CoolSculpting®

Are you following a healthy diet and exercise plan but still have stubborn fat deposits that just won’t budge? If you’d like to lose midsection fat, love handles, a bra bulge, a muffin top, back fat, or upper thigh or arm fat, consider CoolSculpting® body contouring treatments. It takes just a single treatment to get you on your way to looking naturally slimmer with sculpting benefits that increase gradually for weeks. This treatment is ideal for both men and women who are at or near their target body weight but have areas of fat they would like to dissolve.

CoolSculpting® can be used to treat:
• Double Chin
• Upper arms
• Abdomen
• Flanks
• Inner Thighs
• Knees

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® uses controlled cooling to reduce fat deposits. This non-surgical body contouring procedure is FDA approved for non-invasive fat layer reduction of the central abdomen, flanks, and love handles. It requires no incisions, anesthesia, pain medication, or downtime. Your body’s natural cleansing processes remove the damaged fat cells, resulting in safe, gradual fat reduction. You will enjoy the toned, slimmer results within three weeks following your treatment, achieving the contoured body you wanted within two months. The CoolSculpting system has grown, we are able to treat two places at the same time with our DualSculpting machine.

Fat Reduction vs Weight Loss

There is a fixed number of fat cells in our bodies and losing or gaining weight does not increase or decrease the number of fat cells. Instead, it changes the size of the fat cells. CoolSculpting® reduces the number of fat cells in targeted areas by about 20%-25% for a slimmer you! Once these fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body, they are gone for good, and won’t grow back.

Who is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting®?

Individuals with unwanted fat pockets in targeted areas are often candidates for CoolSculpting® and DualSculpting. Unlike weight loss surgery like gastric bypass, CoolSculpting® is a not a weight-loss solution for people who are obese. Good Candidates will have noticeable fat bulges in certain areas that they would like to get rid of. If you have multiple areas of fat bulges, DualSculpting can treat these simultaneously. Many people choose CoolSculpting® as a non-surgical option to liposuction. However, the best way to determine if this procedure is right for you is through a consultation at our office.

Recovery and Downtime

Because the CoolSculpting® procedure is non-surgical, there is no downtime required. Patients can often return to work on the same day treatment is done. Patients may see changes as quickly as three weeks after their treatment and will experience more dramatic results after two months. The body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to 4-6 months after treatment.
Following the CoolSculpting® procedure, common side effects include temporary redness, blanching, bruising, swelling, tingling, firmness, stinging, tenderness, cramping, itching, aching, or skin sensitivity. Sensations of fullness at the back of the throat may occur after treatment of a double chin. These effects are temporary and usually resolve within days or weeks.

Your CoolSculpting® Consultation

The first step towards your CoolSculpting® treatment is a consultation at our office. You’ll meet with one of our CoolSculpting® clinicians, during which your aesthetic goals, medical history, and any questions that you may have will be discussed. We will take the time to create a personalized CoolSculpting® treatment plan just for you in order to meet your individual goals. We can also discuss DualSculpting options with you if you would like to treat multiple areas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CoolSculpting® cost?

The price of CoolSculpting® varies depending on the number of treatment areas, the number of treatments needed, and your ultimate aesthetic goals. Many patients undergo treatments in multiple body areas to achieve their goals. Costs usually range between $2,000-$4,000 for a personalized treatment plan depending on the number of areas treated. Pricing can be discussed during your consultation appointment.

Where does the fat go after treatment?

Once the treated fat cells are frozen, they die and are naturally processed and eliminated from the body. Once these fat cells are gone, they cannot grow back for long-lasting results.

What happens if I gain weight after CoolSculpting®?

If you were to gain weight after CoolSculpting®, you may gain it evenly all over your body, and not just in the treated areas. However, it is recommended that you maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment to best maintain your results.

Will medical insurance cover CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is an elective cosmetic procedure, and therefore, insurance will not usually cover the costs. However, it is recommended that you check with your insurance or FSA provider, as well as your CoolSculpting® providers to see if they offer financing options.

What does the CoolSculpting® treatment feel like?

At the beginning of your CoolSculpting® treatment, you will feel an intense cold. This sensation will soon dissipate, and the area will go numb within 5-10 minutes. Many people read, work on their laptops, watch videos, or even nap during their treatment session. After treatment, the area may tingle as it is being massaged for 2-3 minutes.

Is CoolSculpting® safe?

The CoolSculpting® treatment has undergone many years of research, so you can feel confident that this treatment is based on sound science. Leading researchers and doctors have also published more than 100 peer-reviewed publications. To see CoolSculpting® clinical studies, click here.

What is the difference between CoolSculpting® and liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves small incisions, through which a cannula is placed to suction out excess fat. There is downtime associated with liposuction, and bruising, swelling, and pain may occur. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical treatment option, so there are no needles, incisions, or stitches needed. Plus, there is no downtime, so you can get back to your everyday routine right away.

Is there a “right” age to get CoolSculpting®?

Adults 18 years and older can undergo CoolSculpting® treatment. Apart from that, adults of any age can have this treatment, and there is no “right” or “wrong” age to have CoolSculpting® done.

Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

A major benefit of CoolSculpting is that it offers permanent results. However, you can still obtain more fat cells in other areas of your body if you go through major bodily changes such as pregnancy. Before you make a decision to undergo the procedure, it is important to understand how CoolSculpting works that makes it a permanent solution for reducing targeted fat cells.

When you exercise and eat a healthy diet, the size of your fat cells shrink but their number remains the same. CoolSculpting freezes the targeted fat cells which are then naturally eliminated from your body, which means that it reduces the number of fat cells in your body. Unless your body undergoes a hormonal change which increases the number of fat cells, there is no other way that the eliminated fat cells can return. Even when your existing fat cells increase in size, it will not be a drastic overall change. This is why your CoolSculpting results are permanent.

How many CoolSculpting treatments are needed?

The number of CoolSculpting treatment sessions required depends on several factors including your individual expectations, your lifestyle, and commitment to the procedure. Depending on the expected results and number of areas to be treated, most patients usually require 1 to 3 CoolSculpting sessions in one treatment area.

The procedure helps eliminate about 25 percent of fat cells in the area. You will not lose weight but this reduction makes a drastic impact on your appearance. You must keep in mind though that it is not as effective on large fat pockets. When you are near your ideal weight and have only 20 to 30 pounds to lose, CoolSculpting will be the most effective for you, helping you achieve your goals with just a few treatment sessions.

What is dualsculpting?

DualSculpting uses two CoolSculpting applicators simultaneously to treat multiple areas. This can be any combination of the following areas including the double chin, upper arms, abdomen, knees, flanks, and inner and outer thighs.

Do you still have a few more questions regarding CoolSculpting® treatments? View more of our frequently asked questions here.


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