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Should I Get a Sculptra Butt Lift?

Cosmetic treatments have gained popularity globally since it helps achieve various aesthetic goals and boost self-confidence. One common procedure is the butt lift. Brazilian butt lift is quite common, but it requires enough fat to transfer from other body parts to the buttocks. If you have no extra fat or you want to avoid downtime, you may want to consider the Sculptra butt lift. Read more about this procedure to guide you in making an informed decision.

What Is Sculptra Butt Lift?

Sculptra butt lift involves injecting poly-L-lactic acid on your dermal layers, which promotes collagen production. This is a natural body protein that adds volume and more definition to a flat butt. Collagen production may take a few weeks meaning that you will need two to three injection sessions with four to six weeks intervals to achieve that perfect shape.

The Sculptra Butt Lift Procedure

Sculptra butt lift is performed in our office. You will need to avoid alcohol 48 hours before the procedure. Also, stop taking herbal supplements or other blood-thinning medications two weeks before the treatment. Once you get to our office, we will ask you to lie flat on your stomach. It will only take a short time for the treatment, and afterward, you can resume your daily activities.

Recovery after a Sculptra Butt Lift

You will need to be patient with this procedure, since the results won’t appear instantly. Soon after the injection, you will notice an increase in your buttocks volume due to water retention, which subsides shortly. After the treatment, you will need to massage the injection area to distribute the Sculptra particles evenly.

Some people experience redness, itchiness, and bleeding at the injection site. Others may develop lumps that smooth with time or temporary acne breakouts. A few months later, your body will begin to generate enough collagen, and you will achieve a fuller and more contoured appearance that can last for two to three years.

The Right Candidate for Sculptra Butt Lift

You are a good Sculptra butt lift candidate if you want to increase your butt’s size, shape, and volume without surgery. This is also a perfect option for lean individuals who don’t qualify for a fat transfer procedure. Sculptra butt lift is also an alternative to buttock implants. The right candidate should also be willing to commit to several treatment sessions and expect gradual results.

Benefits of Sculptra Butt Lift

After the Sculptra butt lift treatment, you will achieve a more natural appearance that matches your body type. This is a non-invasive procedure with a short recovery time. The treatment causes minimal disruptions to your daily activities.

The Bottom Line

Sculptra butt lift requires professional handling to minimize the risk of complications and ensure long-lasting results. The MDSkin Bar and Lounge is an award-winning medical spa with locations in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Park City, Utah, with highly skilled staff that performs various cosmetic procedures. Fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment and discuss your options with an expert.


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