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Join MDSkinClub & Save

MDSkin – The Lounge has launched an exclusive rewards program, granting loyal clients access to discounts and rewards. When you become a member you can expect monthly core benefits that are valued at $150 plus more discounts only available to members.

What’s included?

As a member of MDSkinClub, you will receive either a silk infusion facial or an I.V. drip therapy treatment within each month of your SkinClub membership. Both of these treatments are valued at $150 and as a member you will receive your choice of one every month. These base benefits are just the beginning of your member privileges. All MDSkinClub members will receive the option to take advantage of a variety of discounts over the course of the membership. If you are someone who is consistent with their antiaging and skincare routine, this program is for you.

The other discounts available to every member are:

• $9.50/Unit for Botox Injections (you save $2.50 per unit)
• Half off B-12 Injections (4 shots per patient, per month)
• Always receive 10% off on all other purchases (cannot be combined with other discounts)

Members will also receive exclusive discounts, access to new treatments, events and promotions. If you’re committed to looking your best, joining MDSkinClub can help you along your journey to flawless, younger looking skin.

How Much Does a Membership Cost?

The MDSkinClub has flexible payment options, including a three, six and twelve-month option. All memberships start with an initial membership fee of $297.00. For a three-month membership, the initial fee is all you will have to pay. After three months, there are three monthly payments of $99.00 each month for the six-month membership. However, if you would like to go ahead and sign up for a year, you can do the initial payment plus eight monthly payments or pay a lump sum of $1,089 (this gives you one month free!)

Still Have questions?

Not sure if the MDSkinClub is for you? Give us a call today and one of our staff members can walk you through the program and determine which plan is right for you. For regular patients, this high value program pays for itself in just a few visits. Enjoy the Lounge Life today and experience better skin all year long.


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