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Botox Under-Eye Treatment

The brilliance of Botox is in its versatility and effectiveness. That’s why the injectable remains the number one non-invasive cosmetic treatment around the world for both women and men.

When Botox is administered properly by our expert injectors here at MDSkin, you can expect a  natural-looking result that will never appear overdone.

No one desires a frozen face, and with Botox, you can achieve a youthful image that softens the signs of aging safely and quickly. It’s an amazing injectable that can create eyes that look alert, wider and brighter.

Botox for More than Just Eye Wrinkles

When Botox first got the green light for cosmetic usage, it was injected into the “elevens” or the two frown lines between your eyebrows. This injectable is also excellent at taming the crow’s feet or wrinkles found at the outer eye.

Botox can also be injected along the lower jaw to soften a square jawline and around the mouth to lessen the amount it turns down at the corners. We can even treat the neck to make vertical muscle bands less noticeable.

Botox is a temporary treatment that can last for up to four months between treatments.

Baby Botox Injections Best

At MDSkin, we believe in a personalized approach to help you and your skin look their best. We use a subtle approach with “baby Botox” or tiny injections to create a radiant, smooth, and natural-looking appearance.

When bothered by wrinkles around the eyes, Botox can deliver that restored and refreshed eye area we all desire when placed strategically in small increments under the eyes to soften lines.

Botox is Not a Filler

Botox is a powerful, anti-aging injectable but it does not add volume to the skin. For instance, a lot of women and men are frustrated when the under-eye area takes on a hollow appearance with aging, thin skin. We may recommend having a two-step treatment with Botox for wrinkles and facial filler to plump up any hollowness.

If you’re concerned about under-eye bags, Botox alone cannot fix this common issue.  A filler like hyaluronic acid is superb when injected under the eyes at the tear troughs. Our skilled injectors can correct the lost volume and improve any minor fat-pad bulges. If there is significant fat herniation under the eyes, our MDSkin professionals may recommend getting a blepharoplasty to return a smooth surface to this area of the face.

Dark Circle Solutions

For many people, dark under-eye skin is genetic and something they simply learn to deal with, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother them.

Botox is an effective anti-aging treatment, but it cannot erase darkness or pigmentation of the eye area. Here at MDSkin, we may advise combination treatments, including chemical peels, laser sessions and/or hyaluronic acid injections to smooth the skin, lighten it and add subtle plumping.

Botox Injections in Scottsdale, AZ

You have multiple options when it comes to addressing wrinkles and other signs of aging around and below your eyes. Book an appointment today, and let’s take Botox treatments to the next level!


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