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4 Summer Skincare Tips for a Glowing Complexion

Summer has arrived, which means warmer weather and more time in the sun. While many try to spend as much time outdoors in the summer as possible, the sun’s rays and warm weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Read on for some summer skin tips to keep your complexion looking fresh and healthy.

  • Protect your Skin

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your skin from the sun is to apply sunscreen.  When spending extended time outdoors, remember to reapply every two hours, and every 30 minutes if you are exposed to water or sweat. Be sure to pick up a formula with at least SPF 30 that is broad-spectrum for full protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays- your skin will thank you.

  • Stay Hydrated

The sun can cause the skin to become dry, so it is essential to keep your skin hydrated during the summer months. Using intensive hydrating masques once a week and being sure to regularly apply moisturizer to your skin can keep your complexion hydrated. Also, be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to help maintain your body’s hydration levels. Hydration can do wonders for the skin!

  • Exfoliate

Keep your skin soft and smooth with exfoliation. Exfoliating can remove dead, dull skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion. It can also help to improve the absorption of hydrating moisturizers and toners. Exfoliate about once a week- any more than that can cause the skin to become irritated.

  • Soothe and Prevent

So, you forgot to apply sunscreen and now you are left with a painful sunburn. Soothe your damaged skin with cooling gels or botanicals to help reduce inflammation and lessen discomfort. Also, be sure to visit your doctor for a yearly skin exam, as sun damage can increase your risk for skin cancer. Early detection can help to prevent skin cancer from spreading.

Following these skincare tips this summer can help your skin to look and feel great. If you live near the Scottsdale area and are interested in achieving a healthy, youthful complexion, contact MDSkin – The Lounge today! We offer a large array of skincare treatments and procedures for beautiful skin.


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