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Your Guide to QWO

Posted on April 12th, 2022

QWO is an FDA-approved injectable for treating moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. It’s administered in 3 injection treatments at three-week intervals. If you’re looking for long-term cellulite treatment without surgery, QWO can be an excellent option. Here’s what to know about it and what you can expect.

How It Works

QWO is made from collagenase enzymes. These enzymes are believed to work on the structures below the skin where cellulite originates. It works to release the fibrous bands, lessening the appearance of skin puckering. With a full treatment package, you can achieve long-term results.

Best Candidates for QWO

This treatment is ideal for adult women with moderate to severe cellulite in their buttocks. Before the treatment, it’s important to establish that you have cellulite and not laxity.

Do not receive QWO if:

  • The treatment area is infected
  • You are allergic to collagenase
  • You are allergic to any QWO ingredient

Also, inform us of other medical conditions, including:

  • Planning to breastfeed or are breastfeeding
  • Planning on becoming or are pregnant
  • Have a bleeding problem
  • Have previously been allergic to a QWO injection

Getting Ready for the Procedure

You can expect some bruising at the location of the needle injection if you’re taking ibuprofen or aspirin. Inform the nurse if you are taking medicine that inhibits blood clotting (anticoagulant or antiplatelet medicine). Do not take the pills two weeks before treatment. Also, let the nurse know about any supplements you use, even if they are natural.

QWO Procedure

Suitable dimples for treatment are evident and well defined when you stand with your feet apart. Do not engage the buttock muscles when picking dimples to treat – dimples closer to the gluteal crease shouldn’t be touched. The nurse will take photos before the injection, and each dimple will be identified with a dot and enclosed with a surgical marker.
You’ll then lie down on a table face down. QWO is injected into the fat of each enclosed cellulite dimple. A numbing agent is unnecessary, and 6-12 dimples are injected per buttock during the treatment. The procedure takes 10 minutes, and you’ll need to remain lying down for five minutes after the process.

QWO Recovery

Avoid rigorous exercises that involve the bottom half of your body for a few days after treatment. You may feel some nodules, but they will clear in 7-10 days. The injection site will also have some bruising caused by leakage of small blood vessels closer to the injection site because of collagen breakdown. The deepest bruising occurs after the first round of injections. After that, there is a decline in duration, severity, and incidents.

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