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Restoring Confidence During Menopause With FemTouch™

Posted on January 13th, 2021

Women who are going into menopause may experience some issues with the urinary tract and the vagina. These problems include cosmetic problems as well as functional issues. This is due to the changing hormone levels after menopause.

There are treatments that are available to help these issues. Most of them are pharmaceutical in nature, but they may or may not help. Instead of pharmaceuticals or just suffering through the situation, women may want to consider having a FemTouch laser procedure completed. These treatments are performed to help stimulate new tissue growth in the vagina. This will help to correct many vaginal problems that have been caused by menopause.

What Issues Does Menopause Cause?

Menopause can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Typically, a woman goes into menopause due to age, but in some cases, it may be due to cancer treatment and surgery. No matter the cause, the symptoms will all be the same.

Most commonly seen with menopause is vaginal atrophy. This is where the vaginal walls dry out and thin, which can make sexual intercourse painful. As you go further into menopause, you may not produce natural lubrication. In many cases, you will have urinary symptoms like burning when urinating, incontinence, and frequent urination.

FemTouch Laser Therapy

Many people feel skeptical of using a laser on their vagina. However, FemTouch is safe and pain-free. When the FemTouch laser light comes on, it targets the collagen tissue that is located beneath the vaginal wall. When this tissue is warmed significantly, the body will think that the tissue has been damaged. Your body begins to flush the tissue naturally, and new tissue starts to grow.

How many sessions you will need will depend on your condition. Many women usually do two to four laser sessions about six weeks apart. This procedure is pain-free and will have great success in restoring your vaginal walls.

What to Expect After Your FemTouch Treatment

If you have the FemTouch laser treatment, you can return to work the same day. There is no downtime with this procedure. Some women do experience some mild itching after the process, and your doctor can prescribe you a hydrating gel. You should not have intercourse for three days after having this procedure. Avoiding intercourse will help in the healing process.

You will experience some immediate results, but most commonly, you will see significant results at the three-month mark. You should have fewer urinary symptoms, and you should feel no pain during intercourse.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about the FemTouch laser treatment, schedule a consultation with MDSkin. We can help restore your confidence and help to alleviate many of these aggravating issues. Our staff is friendly and well-experienced in the world of vaginal rejuvenation.