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The Ultimate in Comprehensive Rejuvenation

One of our expert providers can help choose the package that works best for you or create one that’s custom to meet your specific needs.

Hands of Time

Rejuvenates by Targeting Pigment & Volume Loss

The hands can really show our age and often have more damage from the elements than other areas. Our hand skin loses volume and elasticity; solar damage and age spots increase with age. Uses HA (hyaluronic filler), PRP and targeted light therapies.

Includes: 2 Syringes Filler with PRP, 1 IPL treatment

Liquid Lift

The MdSkin “Liquid Lift” with Tightening

A global, 3D, full facial rejuvenation package that provides a natural and refreshed look without surgery. The treatment requires a series of appointments and includes collagen stimulation, skin tightening and facial shaping with the re-flation of lost facial volume.

Includes: 5 Syringes Filler, 20 units of Botox*, Ultherapy Full Face, ResurFx Treatment Optional

Add-on a PRP treatment to get maximum results

*20 units of Botox is a minimum recommendation. Additional units may be necessary to achieve desired results (additional costs apply.)

Lovely Lobes

Inflates the Sagging, Drooping Earlobe

Re-volumizes the earlobe simply and quickly. Your earrings will be front and center – let those diamonds sparkle!

Includes: 1 Syringe Filler

Beauty Brow

A Natural and Elegant Brow

This comprehensive brow rejuvenation will give you a natural, elegant brow lift without surgery! It combines filler for volume loss at the temple, Botox for softening harsh muscle down-pull and Ultherapy Brow for deep tissue tightening. This combination gives longer lasting results than injectables alone.

Includes: 1 Syringe Restylane Lyft, 24 units of Botox*, Ultherapy Brow

* 24 units of Botox is a minimum recommendation. Additional units may be necessary to achieve desired results (additional costs apply.)

About Face

Maintain the Look

Your skin can look 10 years younger! This package tightens and smooths the skin of the entire face, neck and chest. It combines a CO2 laser peel with PRP and Ultherapy.

Includes: CO2 Laser Peel, PRP Application, Ultherapy Full Face, Neck, Chest, Nectifirm

The V-Neck

Keep Your Secrets – Don’t Forget the Neck & Chest

We all love taking care of our faces and necklines, but often times skimp or just completely ignore the chest. Eventually there is a disconnect: the face remains vibrant while the chest looks worn and wrinkled. Rejuvenate the décolletage (chest) with this combo treatment that includes a Photofractional (IPL/Resurfx treatment) for skin smoothing, toning and improving uneven pigment and Ultherapy for deep tightening.

Includes: IPL/Resurfx, Ultherapy Chest Optional

Add-on a PRP treatment to get maximum results

Seriously Sleeveless

Thin Crepey Skin Be Gone

Living in the desert calls for short sleeves and sleeveless attire almost year round. Sagging, crepey arm skin makes one feel less than comfortable with these clothing options. The combination of a chemical peel and IPL treatment addresses the thin skin on the back of the arms by smoothing and firming, and improves skin texture and tone.

Includes: Chemical Peel, IPL Arm Treatment, Body Tightening Concentrate Optional

Add-on a PRP treatment to get maximum results

Gorgeous Glutes

Smooth, Firm Derriere – We all Want It

Using Sculptra and PRP, the buttock skin will be firmer while volume gradually increases. Cellulite beware!

Includes: 6 Vials Sculptra, PRP, ZO Cellulite Cream Optional Optional Add-on: Ultherapy Buttock

Perfect Profile

A Liquid Rhinoplasty – No Surgery

Coveting a lift to the tip of the nose – or a camouflage to the bump? With a filler injection, results are instant with no downtime.

Includes: 1 Syringe Filler, Alpharet

Perfect Pout

No One Ever Has to Know

The perfect pout isn’t about the filler, but about your injector. MDSkin® injectors are highly trained and skilled in the art of pout!

Includes: 1 Syringe Filler, HA5 Kit $600

Lovely Locks

Fill in the Missing Spots

Hair can begin to thin for many reasons – hormones, stress, age. PRP is an innovative treatment that is known to stimulate the hair follicle. Include our regular Beauty Brew shot with the especially formulated Nutrafol vitamins – and watch those locks grow.

Includes: PRP Injection, Beauty Brew shot, Nutrafol – 3 treatments

The Jaw Dropper

Defy Gravity – Neck and Jaw Rejuvenation

There’s no reason to fret – this treatment smooths out the jawline and tightens up the neck skin defying the effects of gravity.

Includes: 2 Syringes Filler, Ultherapy Lower Face, Neck, Kybella, Alpharet – it’s customized just for you, price will be determined on your choices.

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