How Millennials Are Putting Off Aging Phoenix

How Millennials Are Putting Off Aging

When we traditionally think of anti-aging treatments, we think of women and men in their 40’s and 50’s who are trying to combat the signs of aging that have started to appear. Nowadays, the millennial market is growing for these aging treatments. This method of millennials getting skin treatments is called “prejuvenation.” They are holding onto their youthful beauty for as long as possible by being proactive in their skin rejuvenation methods. At MDSkin Lounge, our team offers a range of prejuvenation techniques to help keep the aging signs at bay. Some of the most popular treatments for millennials are Botox, Chemical Peels, and Microneedling.

Botox for Preventing Wrinkles

More and more millennials are getting Botox in their twenties and early thirties. Botox is a well-known treatment for smoothing out wrinkles and lines in the face. It does this by relaxing the nerves which causes the muscles to contract. As your muscles contract over and over, wrinkles begin to form. Now, millennials are getting small doses of Botox to prevent wrinkles from even forming.  The thought is that by getting Botox early, the muscles won’t contract in order to form these aging signs.

Using Chemical Peels for Prejuvenation

Another popular treatment that millennials are gravitating towards is chemical peels. Chemical peels are great skin rejuvenation treatments that can address various skin concerns such as acne, fine lines, large pores, pigmentation, rough texture, and more. These peels help to promote healthy skin and a radiant glow. At MDSkin Lounge we offer the ZO 3 Step Peel and the SkinMedica® Vitalize Peel along with a variety of others. These can be customized to your specific skin type and concerns. Chemical peels help to prejuvenate the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells early on.

Microneedling for Aging Skin

As we start to age, our natural collagen production decreases. The collagen supports moisture and elastin structures in our skin to keep skin tight and smooth. Microneedling is a great treatment that supports the production of collagen in the skin and rejuvenates the skin. Microneedling is used to improve scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Millennials are turning to this facial treatment to help boost collagen production to keep skin healthy.

Come into MDSkin Lounge

Are you starting to notice some small differences in your skin? Avoid these turning into major aging signs by getting a prejuvenation treatment at MDSkin Lounge. Talk to our team about your concerns and desires so that we can recommend the right treatments for you. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

Getting Injectables That You Can Trust Phoenix

Getting Injectables That You Can Trust

Injectables and fillers are great tools in the aesthetics industry to help with visible signs of aging. These treatments help many people to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. There are so many different types of injectables and fillers on the market that it can be hard to keep track of what is a trustworthy product. Now more than ever, there are counterfeit injectables popping up all around us. These are very dangerous and can have lasting effects on your health if used on you.


The Rise of Counterfeit Injectables

Counterfeit medicines are on the rise. It is hard to pinpoint an exact number for how many counterfeit treatments are out there now, but estimates say that about 10% of all drugs are fraudulent. These types of faux-treatments can be extremely dangerous for patients. Often side effects include infection, deformity, scarring, immunological issues, and sometimes death. The problem is that these drugs are not made in a trusted facility. Also, the products in these drugs are not FDA approved or safe for human consumption. Many of these counterfeit injectables have been found to contain arsenic, cyanide, mercury, urine, and rat droppings. Even unmonitored forms of Botulinum Toxin, which is used in a purified form in BOTOX®, can be deadly. To be sure that you are getting safe, secure treatments, you should go to a trusted doctor and facility.


Getting Reliable Injectable Treatment

Patients should never entertain the idea of using off-brand or counterfeit treatments. If you are receiving an extremely discounted price for treatment, there may be a reason for it. To ensure that you are getting the real thing you should always go to a center that is managed by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. MDSkin  Lounge is owned and operated by Dr. Bryan Gawley, a board-certified, trusted plastic surgeon who wants his patients to understand the risk of getting these procedures from other sources. There are many different ways to be safe when considering the treatment. For safety you can do a few things:

  • Learn about the brands of Injectables and Fillers
  • Examine the product yourself at the treatment time
  • Watch when the product is removed from its packaging
  • Make sure the needle is filled in front of you
  • Make sure it is a sterile needle
  • Check prices around your area for the treatment

The best practice for getting reliable treatment is by going to a reputable facility. The MDSkin Lounge team is trusted by their patients and the community around them. The rise of counterfeit injectables is scary but by going to recognized centers such as MDSkin Lounge, you can be sure you are receiving safe, secure treatment.

How Millennials Are Putting Off Aging Phoenix

MDSkin – The Lounge & The Bar Opens its Second Location

How Millennials Are Putting Off Aging Phoenix

MDSkin – The Lounge & The Bar Opens its Second Location

Posted on April 17th, 2018 in News

Scottsdale, AZ Dr. Bryan Gawley, founder of Gawley Plastic Surgery, has now opened his second premier skincare and wellness center location of MDSkin The Lounge & The Bar.

His first MDSkin® Lounge opened in 2016 and is known for excellence in both advanced providers and beautiful, natural outcomes. Now, with a grand opening scheduled for April 7, 2018, his second location combines the best in class patient care, safety, and outcomes of his plastic surgery office with the world-renowned patient experience of one of the most premiere spas in the world.

About MDSkin – The Lounge & The Bar

The luxurious lobby greats visitors with a sense of calm, beauty and elegance.  Patients can browse the Beauty and Skin Bars displaying advanced, medical grade skincare products while enjoying a “Gorgeous by Gawley,” cold-pressed organic juice from the Juice Bar. Juices have been formulated especially for MDSkin and have been chosen for their skin-healing and nutritional skin benefits.

A patient’s scheduled appointment determines which grand hall they will enter – The Lounge or The Bar. MDSkin Lounge provides best in class facial and body treatments including the latest facial injectables, lasers, CoolSculpting, FemTouch, and wellness injections, while MDSkin Bar provides comprehensive skincare solutions and promotes the importance of regular infusion facial therapies as a maintenance-based foundation for youthful skin.  Together, The Lounge and The Bar strive to develop personalized long-term plans that will be an opportunity for optimizing skin’s appearance and allows MDSkin to maximize your routine.

Our goal is to become a partner with our clients in their journey to achieve beautiful skin and wellness. The new location is currently accepting appointments and walk-ins are welcome based upon availability. Call 480-418-2505 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Contact Information
4821 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 103
Scottsdale, AZ 85251