FemTouch for Improved Feminine Health Phoenix

FemTouch for Improved Feminine Health

FemTouch for Improved Feminine Health Phoenix

FemTouch for Improved Feminine Health

Posted on October 18th, 2017 in Femtouch

As you age, you might begin to experience a decrease in estrogen that can lead to vaginal dryness and discomfort. FemTouch is a minimally invasive treatment that uses an innovative CO2 laser to improve these symptoms, urinary incontinence, and overall vaginal health. For a quick and effective treatment, you might consider benefiting from FemTouch!

What Can FemTouch Do for You?

During a FemTouch treatment, an applicator is inserted and moved across the vaginal walls. The applicator delivers CO2 laser to the areas to promote new tissue and collagen growth. The session only takes a few minutes and requires no recovery, making it quick and easy to fit into even the busiest schedule! You can notice improvement after one treatment, or you might choose to have several treatments to fully optimize results.

Who Can Benefit?

While older women are most likely to seek the benefits of FemTouch, younger women are candidates as well! If you experience vaginal itching, burning, or discomfort due to dryness, or urinary incontinence, you might choose FemTouch to improve your symptoms. FemTouch is effective in improving vaginal dryness that might cause irritation or discomfort during intercourse. You might also experience these symptoms after childbirth or post-menopause when your estrogen hormones drop.

When Can You See Results?

Some women report noticeable results immediately after treatment, but full results take about three to six months to become noticeable. During this time, your vaginal tissue is regenerating and new fibers are being produced. Once this process is complete, you can experience an improvement in symptoms. After a FemTouch treatment, you won’t have to worry about those bothersome symptoms, making daily life more enjoyable.

Talking with your doctor about your medical history and concerns can help determine if FemTouch is right for you. Contact our office today for more information and to schedule a consultation with Misti Swink, RN, our FemTouch specialist.

Slim Down for the Holidays with CoolSculpting Phoenix

Slim Down for the Holidays with CoolSculpting

It is officially autumn, which means the holiday season is right around the corner! However, many people may have noticed that they have gained some stubborn weight over the last few months due to summer vacations, BBQs, and summer get-togethers. CoolSculpting can help to eliminate stubborn areas of fat without surgery, so you can look and feel your best this holiday season.


What is Treatment Like?

Because the CoolSculpting treatment is nonsurgical and does not involve incisions, stitches, or scars, no anesthesia is required. During your treatment, a gel pad and applicator will be placed on the targeted area. This applicator delivers controlled cooling to the treatment areas to freeze and kill fat cells. Once fat cells are frozen and die, they are naturally eliminated from the body over time.

During treatment, patients will feel an intense cold sensation and then the treatment area will go numb, so there is virtually no discomfort during the procedure. CoolSculpting is also a very versatile treatment, and can treat many areas of the body, including the double chin, upper arms, flanks, abdomen, and inner and outer thighs for a slimmer you!

What are the Benefits?

Many individuals who are looking to eliminate fatty areas of their body without going under the knife choose CoolSculpting treatments. There is also no downtime required following CoolSculpting, so you can return to your everyday activities as soon as you feel comfortable! No needles, no sutures, no downtime- just a slimmer you!

If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting treatment in the Scottsdale area, contact MDSkin The Lounge today to schedule a consultation.

All About “Brotox”: Botox for Men Phoenix

All About “Brotox”: Botox for Men

All About “Brotox”: Botox for Men Phoenix

All About “Brotox”: Botox for Men

Posted on October 2nd, 2017 in Botox

In the past, women’s looks have been held to a higher aging standard then men. However, times are changing, and men are now expected to keep up on their appearance. Because of this, more men are turning to plastic surgery and noninvasive procedures to turn back the hands of time. Botox for men, also known as “Brotox”, is one of the most popular treatments for men to date.


The Treatment

The Botox treatment for men is done just as any other Botox treatment; the Botox will be injected using a very fine needle. Treatment is quick, usually only lasting between 10-15 minutes. Plus, there is no downtime, so men can return to work or their everyday tasks right away.

How Men Can Benefit from “Brotox”?

Many men nowadays are getting Botox treatments to help them look and feel better, which, in turn, can positively impact their work and social lives. Many men are feeling increasingly pressured to maintain a more youthful appearance in a highly competitive job market. There is also less of a negative stigma associated with cosmetic procedures, so men feel more comfortable receiving treatments. In fact, according to ASPS, Botox was the number one minimally-invasive procedure in 2016!

Men who are interested in smoothing lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance can turn to Botox in Scottsdale. Our specialist injectors will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan. Call MDSkin today at 480-696-6670 to learn more!